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  • Ranked fifth in the world, the highest building in Korea(123 stories and 555 meters tall). The Seoul Sky Observatory (ranked 4th in the world, 500M), located on the highest floor of the city, offers a 360-degree view of Seoul, the capital city that contains the most splendid history and dynamic modern culture of Korea.
  • A recommended place nearby : Lotte World (indoor/outdoor amusement park)
  • Reopened on November 27, 2014 after the completion of a large-scale renovation. World-renowned architectural firm Gensler worked to create a vision for change largely centered around a concept called "The Unfolding Sky." With five uniquely-themed squares, the new Coex Mall was designed to receive optimal amounts of natural light and optimize the flow of foot traffic. Coex mall is a shopping mecca for global brands in fashion, accessories, beauty, lifestyle, and more. It also has a large movie theater complex and a wide variety of fine dining establishments.
  • A recommended place nearby : Bongeun Temple
  • Situated on the southern part of the Han River, Yanghwa Hangang Park stretches between the mouth of Yeouido Saetgang Tributary and the Gayang Bridge in Gangseo-gu, Seoul. This spacious park is lush with vegetation and offers a spectacular view of the river.
  • There is a wide bike trail that runs through the park that connects this park with the other Han River Parks. Every May, the bike trail is flanked by lush green grass and beautiful roses, making it the ideal photo spot.
  • A recommended place nearby : Hongik University street/Sangsu-dong cafe & dessert street/Yeonam-dong(Hongik Univ. Station)
  • At 632.2 meters in height, Gwanak Mountain is the symbol and pride of Gwanak-gu district in Seoul. Most of the cultural heritages of the district originate from Gwanak Mountain. Since it was designated as a city natural park in 1968, it has continued to serve as a favorite place for relaxation and excursion for Seoul citizens. The various rocky peaks and deep valleys give the mountain a rugged feel. The mountain's size and great accessibility make it easy for Seoul residents to visit in a single day.
  • Comprised of Seolleung Royal Tomb and Jeongneung Royal Tomb. Located in downtown Seoul, this place offers tranquil and pleasant promenades for couples and office workers. Seonjeongneung houses the burial mounds of King Seongjong (1469-1494), his wife Queen Jeonghyeon, and King Jungjong (1506-1544) of the Choseon Dynasty (1392-1910).
  • Seonjeongneung which has a lush forest, and benches on the promenade provides an ideal place to relax. There are numerous small hills with clusters of trees that create a border between the mystery and serenity of the royal tombs and the hustle and bustle of downtown Seoul.
  • Located in a street just close to Seoul National University and is filled with independently owned cafes, bars, and restaurants. Since the area is near the University, the prices are mostly cheap and the restaurants are owned by a wide variety of nationalities.
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