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Distinguished AAFT members! I am Youn Shil Choi, President of Korean Association of Family Therapy for two years starting from 2019.

AAFT 7th Annual Conference will be held in Seoul, Korea from October 23rd to 25th, 2020.
The KAFT set the theme of the conference as “Family Therapy in Dynamic Asia.”

Today, Asia is home to countries that play a crucial role in leading global politics, economy, military and culture,
and those posting remarkable growth based on long-lasting history and tradition. Changes are accelerated in Asia
compared to any other regions across the globe. Asia is attracting international attention and is setting the stage for
dynamic drama. Against this backdrop, Asian families are experiencing more rapid changes than anywhere else
in the world. While they feel joy and pleasure, they are also suffering from conflict, wound and pain.
Family therapists in Asia are working with such families to make them happy and healthy again.

It is now time to take family therapy in dynamic Asia one step further, aligned with the historical and cultural context
as well as social demand. Therefore, Asia’s family therapy should now focus on ‘expanding’ its scientific basis, and
the pillar is in the search of ‘skills’ and ‘strategies’ of family therapy to improve effectiveness of intervention in line
with changes in Asian families.

I would like to invite all AAFT members who are here today to AAFT 7th Annual Conference 2020. Korea is a fast-growing Asian country with a long history, culture and tradition.
Especially, Seoul is a city of culture, art, fashion, food and shopping attractive for tourists, and kind and caring citizens make Seoul definitely worth a visit.

Distinguished AAFT members who are eagerly conducting research and putting the learning into practice for happiness and health of Asian families!

Please visit Korea, in October, next year, and attend the festive conference which seeks to expand the scientific basis of family therapy in dynamic Asia in pursuit of skills and
strategies. Your presence will do us great honor.

Youn Shil Choi, Ph. D.

President of Korean Association of Family Therapy