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COVID-19 in South Korea

Admin │ 2020-03-05



Dear honorable colleagues,


As you know, South Korea as well as many other countries are  currently challenged by the rapid spread of COVID-19 pandemics and we are in a fierce battle against this bio-disaster.


The organizing members of the 2020 AAFT Conference are monitoring this situation carefully, and we have decided to postpone the deadline for abstract submission from April 15 to May 15, 2020, for those who are interested in oral and/or poster presentation.


Incidentally, the 2020 AAFT conference includes the sub-theme of 'disaster and family therapy', which is indeed a prophetic coincidence. We hope that we can overcome this disaster through solidarity and share lessons and experiences at our gathering in Seoul. We wish you are well and also wish the affected a full and speedy recovery. Thank you.





The Organizing Team of 2020 AAFT Conference

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