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Family Guide in COVID-19_Multi languages

Admin │ 2020-09-03

Family Guide in COVID-19_Multi



Korean Association of Family Therapy (KAFT) has developed six-language versions of family guide (Korean, English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and Vietnamese) for healthy relationships in the COVID-19 era. Based on family stress-coping theories, we believe that how families cope with the pandemic as one team would be as important as them preventing the infection per se, since destroyed family relationship is also a very deadly virus negatively effecting the health of family relationship in terms of both physical and mental health.

It is our hope that families worldwide will be able to sustain their family relationship strong and functional during the public health crisis. We encourage you to disseminate the guide throughout your country/region.

*  Special acknowledgement to Dr. Park Woochul and Dr. Lee Sun-Hae for their contribution in developing Family Guide in COVID-19.

Also, we express a special thanks to Samsung Welfare Foundation for partial funding for this project

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